Visiting «Samowar» with a balalaika and an accordion

Visiting Samovar with a balalaika and an accordion. Russian treats in the South of Germany, in Baden-Württemberg.

This "Samovar" can be found very close to Stuttgart. A unique "Russian Cafe" will open its doors in front of a friendly crowd of tourists. And those who already know about the tradition of the hospitable owners of this restaurant "Samovar", constantly come here.

Visiting Samovar under a balalaika and an accordion is always more pleasant to meet friends and spend family holidays.

On the pancakes at the "Samovar" on a visit with a balalaika and accordion and with the soul come our musicians. The masters of the balalaika and accordion play here often appear before the Russian and local Germans - the Swabians. And tourists, so they generally keep an eye on the announcements of Café Samovar posters. " Anyone who wants to try real Russian cuisine, come here on a visit.

Do you want to know where the Samovar is?

Ask me here, through the form of the Contact page. Then you can also get a surprise from our Russian-speaking compatriots living in the vicinity of Stuttgart.

The Russians in Stuttgart settled here not only in the last forty or fifty years. Our people here were much earlier. Meetings at Samovar began at the time of the arrival of the "Russian Army Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov" during his Swiss campaign against the French.

The Russians in present-day Baden-Württemberg were here in Württemberg, and later in Baden from the end of the 17th century. And the Russian traditions are known to the Germans from the time of Peter the Great. Then still sovereigns messengers passed here on the road from Russia to Italy and Austria. And after him, Count Severny traveled here with his wife. Yes, the wife of the nee-Grand Russian Prince Pavel Petrovich, was a Princess of Württemberg - Sophia-Darothea-Augusta. Subsequently, she became the Empress of All Russia.

Therefore, we boldly say that Russians in Germany at "Samovar" were treated and treated here, not far from Stuttgart, in Württemberg with pancakes and other Russian national food. And about Russian hospitality is certainly known to everyone. Both yours and ours!

On Samovar's pancakes, guests of the Samovar will meet their guests with a balalaika and an accordion, a home-like mood and a Russian broad soul. Come here, come - come in "Samovar" and try everything yourself.

Details of the delicacies: pancakes, different home cooking, Russian tea from this Samovar - all this can be available to you on our website about Russian-speaking compatriots living in Germany, the Foundation "Our New Times.


Photo-report from the event: