Restaurants in Baden-Württemberg

For many years, the restaurants of Baden-Württemberg have a high culinary appraisal. Here is the largest number of restaurants, marked by the most famous gastronomic guidebooks.

Württemberg's restaurants start at Willle Berg in Stuttgart start an account in Baden-Württemberg. Here are fifty-four restaurants marked with Michelin stars. Only in one Black Forest, gourmets can visit two restaurants with the highest rating, namely three Michelin stars. Many gourmet restaurants in Baden-Württemberg have almost a two-hundred-year history, and their owners no longer transmit the secrets of culinary skill in several generations.

The cuisine of the restaurants in Baden-Württemberg is quite diverse. Even within the region there are many differences and peculiarities. The tourist is primarily known for Swabian cuisine. Original vareniki Maultaschen (Maultaschen), Spätzle (Spätzle) such a kind of home-made noodles, delicious Black Forest ham (Schwarzwaldschinken). In general, Swabian cuisine is very satisfying. a lot of floury, for example, Fladle — flat festive noodles, Knopfle — dumplings, Dampfnudeln — «dough balls» in vanilla sauce, Bubespitzle or Schupfnudeln — puffy sausages from dough and potatoes. Still it is possible to tell, Swabian kitchen is an ancient kitchen, and its influence is traced even in Bavaria and Hesse.

And there is Baden cuisine. To date, it is considered the most refined and refined. Here the proximity of France. Even to distinguish themselves from Schwabs, Badeners call themselves in French manners as Alemans (Allemagne is in French Germany). In Baden, there are many freshwater fish and, in the first place, trout, tasty asparagus. Baden cuisine also has unusual ingredients. For example, Jerusalem artichoke that appeared in Europe before potatoes and remained only in Baden. Be sure to try the specialty dish of Baden cuisine — steamed trout with Jerusalem artichoke with cream. In Baden grow small and fragrant, but very sour cherries from which they cook branded schnapps — Wildkirschwasser. It was with the use of this schnapps in the 20's invented an unusually refined and expensive cake — Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte.

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