Travel and vacation in Baden-Württemberg

Travel and vacation — Baden-Württemberg offers ample opportunities for tourism in the region.

Travel and Recreation are presented at the international exhibition Golf und Urlaub, held in Stuttgart. 2013. For many years Baden-Württemberg has established the definition of the «Tourist Mecca of the Federal Republic of Germany». There are many historical sights, which we will discuss below, a mild climate.

Recreation and travel will allow you to enjoy the diversity of nature and landscapes, the abundance of unique thermal springs with healing mineral water — all this provides for an ideal holiday in Baden-Württemberg. We'll tell you how.

Stuttgart — the capital of the Federal state of Baden-Württemberg, offers tourists more than 30 museums (of course the most visited of them is the Mercedes Museum), in addition, the State Gallery of Stuttgart hosts the largest collection of paintings by Pablo Picasso.

The charming towns around Stuttgart will not leave indifferent any tourist: Ludwigsburg, which is all built in the same architectural style of the German Baroque, the medieval Heidelberg, numerous castles and monasteries. Perhaps the most famous for a Russian tourist is the Hohenzollern Castle, Langenburg Castle. We are happy to offer you a tour of the «Ludwigsburg Castles» (Schloss Ludwigsburg) and you will discover an unknown route.

If you touch the theme of winter recreation, the online project «Villa Berg» Baden-Württemberg has information about the magnificent winter resorts for skiing and snowboarding in the Schwäbischen Alb and Schwäbischen Allgäus.

In the warm season, pedestrian routes and bicycle tours are very popular.

Also we offer to your attention Gastronomic tours in Baden-Württemberg. No other region in Germany offers so many culinary delights and a variety of regional products. Swabian cuisine and in some areas the influence of the French neighborhood is the cuisine of Alsace. On the territory of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, the largest number of restaurants with Michelin stars is the highest award in the field of culinary arts, with about one-third of the 186 gastronomic Michelin stars in German restaurants.

Let's return to the topic of recreation on the waters. For example, Stuttgart has the largest reserves of mineral water in Western Europe, if we talk about exact figures, 22 million liters are beaten from 19 sources.

Baden-Württemberg has more than 60 resorts with mineral springs! The most famous of our tourists is Baden-Baden, which contributed to the emergence of fashion for recreation on the waters and where the Russian aristocracy was stretching in the beginning of the XIX century. The resort town of Bad Wildbad is known for its thermal water, which is 10,000 years old! And therefore, in Baden-Württemberg, as in no other region of Germany, medical tourism is very popular. There is a large selection of clinics offering comprehensive examination, treatment and subsequent rehabilitation.

We also offer you a holiday on Lake Constance (Bodensee). Most of the lake is in Germany, the rest is shared between Switzerland and Austria. Picturesque houses, the Old Town Hall, a museum of musical instruments in the town of Lindau; a fully preserved Old Town with many museums and historical monuments in the university town of Konstanz, the museum of Count Zeppelin in Friedrichshafen, the Montford Palace in Langenargen with a beautiful promenade, the ruins of a medieval castle in Bodman-Ludwigshafen. Beautiful infrastructure and beaches, historical attractions attract more and more tourists.

We invite you to discover new routes in Baden-Württemberg and enjoy your vacation!

We are always glad to meet you at one of the airports in Baden-Württemberg and prepare an individual program for the duration of your stay at the resort or a golf tour.

The team «Travel and Leisure» — an Internet project «Villa Berg» (Villa-Berg.info). Travel and leisure in Baden-Württemberg first-hand connoisseurs. Russian compatriots lived for centuries in Baden and Württemberg. Enjoy the tours with us.

Write to us and we will arrange a personal tour for you. We will help with everything that is connected with tourism in Baden-Württemberg. We will tell and show the most interesting places and the main thing, for some — the best sales in the city-mode. Sale of world brands from warehouses and all this — we have here — in Baden-Württemberg, but in secret.

Until the next meeting and meeting, the team «Travel and Vacation» «Villa Berg».