Celebrate March 8 in Stuttgart

Our holiday on March 8 is celebrated together with our compatriots in Stuttgart.

March 8 — International Women's Day, annually celebrated by the UN. It was on March 8 at the call of the New York Social Democratic Women's Organization that a rally was held calling on women to fight for their rights, in particular demanding the provision of suffrage and equal pay with men.

In 1910, at the Second International Socialist Women's Conference in Copenhagen, Clara Zetkin proposed to establish an international women's day, on this day it was assumed that women would hold rallies, drawing public attention to their problems.

In 1914 International Women's Day was celebrated on March 8 in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Russia

Today this day has transformed into the Women's Day, the spring — men give flowers, gifts, read poetry and are trying their best to make this day festive! Now, in many respects, the rights of women are equalized with the rights of men.

The «Our New Times» Foundation congratulates all women on this wonderful holiday — March 8! Be beautiful, happy and loved! Many historical places of Stuttgart are associated with the names of the Great Russian princesses Olga and Catherine. Becoming queens of Württemberg, they also became a model of charity. Let's not forget about the cultural-historical and dynastic ties of Russia with the countries of the Old World.

We give you a film that allows you to take a virtual walk through historical places, enjoy the beauty of the flowers of the botanical garden of the University of Hohenheim (Botanischer Garten Hohenheim), which this year celebrates its 200th anniversary!