The first presentation of the Foundation «Our New Times» in Stuttgart

The first presentation of the "Our New Times" Foundation in Stuttgart to compatriots took place on September 19, 2004.

In one "Russian restaurant" activists of the Foundation "Our New Times" decided to join the group "Russians in Stuttgart". And so it was decided that we would arrange our presentation - a presentation to the "Russian public of Stuttgart compatriots in one of" our "places in the capital of Baden-Württemberg.

Thus, we can consider that the creative life of the Foundation for the Support of Russian-speaking Compatriots Living in Germany "Our New Times" began in the circle of compatriots and friends - Germans - Germans - Schwabs in Stuttgart and its environs.

I clearly remember that on that September evening we were all very pleased with each other. For the old-timer of this town in the South of Germany, the capital of Baden-Württemberg, we were the "white ravens" who decided to show themselves. And so they looked at us, because they no longer looked like those who have lived in Stuttgart for a long time, know everything and know everything here and are ready to decide what and with whom it will be. And it all started for us on September 19, 2004.

It began, an exciting day (September 19, 2004) for us all from the fact that we presented ourselves. It was, apparently, like this: "Good evening, our dear compatriots! Today, allow me to introduce a new organization in Stuttgart, "Our New Times." The main idea of ​​our creation was the intention to present the works of our compatriots living today in Germany. Everything will be accompanied by historical parallels based on the cultural, historical and dynastic ties of Russia and Germany.

Since the reign of Ivan the Terrible, in Germany, Russia - the Russian State was very actively represented by its presence. And of course, Russian holidays, folk festivities and Russian hospitality were already celebrated by the Germans and other "Europeans" of that time. And as is the case in such cases, we still today, preserving the traditions of our peoples of Russia - are happy to offer a variety of treats cooked by the chefs of the "Russian restaurant" in Stuttgart.

And then the participants of our evening - guests from different neighborhoods, showed themselves and their abilities. Today I can remember - we had a show of a collection of wedding dresses. See for yourself how beautiful it was. We all, who then would be together with me, tried very hard to show everything that we had at that time in the arsenal. We have been registered by this time in all the foreigners who are obligatory for public organizations living in Germany, in Baden-Württemberg, in Stuttgart. "Russians in Baden-Württemberg" or easier - "Russians in Stuttgart" already firmly entrenched in our administrative offices. Officials already knew exactly then that there was another organization of the "Russian", but something they are different from those who used to appear here for all the years of the post-war "Russian" diaspora in Stuttgart.

And everyone looked at us with interest, trying to understand for ourselves how long we will last and what new can we show on this space among immigrants. Thus, thanks to that evening - September 19, 2004, we became officially recognizable in the corridors of the City of Stuttgart.

About us, they began to talk a little in the midst of the "Russian Stuttgart", and most importantly, that at that time there was a hope that we could bring something interesting to the cultural life of "Russian Baden-Württemberg". In the capital of Baden-Württemberg, in Stuttgart, the "Russians" are all closed around themselves. It seemed that in Stuttgart - it could be changed. This has happened before, but with our appearance - something has changed. Today I can say for sure.

With best wishes, Alexander Raikhrudel, Head of the Foundation "Our New Times", St. Petersburg in Baden-Württemberg.

The theme: "The Russians in Stuttgart", "The Russians in Baden-Württemberg" and "The Russians in Germany" - will constantly pass the red line in our events, concerts, presentations, opening days and travels from Petersburg to Baden-Württemberg and back.

Photo-report from the event: