We are in Baden-Württemberg — make your contribution

The program of the Foundation «Our New Times» presents the project «Baden-Württemberg in Russian».

As part of this project, we will build a monument to our compatriots who have preserved Russian history in the South of Germany. In Stuttgart and other cities of Baden and Württemberg.

Make a donation now in Baden-Württemberg. Baden-Württemberg in Russian project of building a monument of compatriot in Stuttgart. Everyone can support the beginning of the development of the project «Baden-Württemberg in Russian» by his contribution here: http://yasobe.ru/na/bwrude

Activists of the Foundation for the support of Russian-speaking compatriots living in Germany «Our New Times» together with their Swabian counterparts in Stuttgart are preparing a project to unveil a monument of compatriot. This monument will remind us of ours — Russians in Baden-Württemberg, Russians in Germany, Russians in Stuttgart.

Knowing your story — you know the future. The «Our New Times» Foundation, in cooperation with its partners, is preparing for its new program for 2018.