Summer musical trip to St. Petersburg from Langenargen

Famous for the whole of the Bodensee region "Summer Musical Journey to St. Petersburg from Langenargen" managed to organize the participants of the Youthful Brass Band Langenargen with their parents in August 2009.

Participants in the programs of the Foundation "Our New Times" have long been familiar with Langenargen, its hospitality and the cordiality of its inhabitants.

All this was made possible thanks, firstly, to the personal support and participation of the former mayor of Langenargen in Bodensee, Bolfermeister Rolf Müller, and second, the cordiality of the participants in our programs in Langenargen from 2007, and thirdly, the unlimited activity of all students and their parents of the Langenargene Music School and its permanent leader Gerd Lanz (Direktor der Musikschule Gerd Lanz).

St. Isaac's Cathedral opened its gates to young German musicians immediately after the White Nights of St. Petersburg.

Peterhof received the young envoys of Bodensee, the countrymen of a spouse born to the Great Russian Princess Olga Nikolaevna - Queen Olga von Württemberg, who lived in the second half of the 19th century in Bodensee in Württemberg, in the Friedrichshafen Castle.

The Peter and Paul Fortress did not resist the fanfare of a brass band from Langenargen.

The Russians in Baden-Württemberg told of their native Imperial capital - St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg.

The Russians in Stuttgart welcomed their guests before flying to St. Petersburg.

Russian Ball organized for young musicians Langenargena in Elagin Palace of St. Petersburg.

Tsarskoe Selo warmed its sun in the park of the Catherine Palace participants of the Brass Band from Langenargen in Bodensee.


Photo-report from the event: