The resorts of Baden-Württemberg are represented by our Russians in Stuttgart

The resorts of Baden-Württemberg are represented by our Russians in Stuttgart and Baden-Baden.

Going to the resort is not just a fashion, but a source of active longevity. The famous resorts of Baden-Baden and less famous in Stuttgart. But here the mineral waters are even healthier. Swabians know a lot about everything that is good for their health.

Who has ever heard of Baden-Baden? Almost everyone who has ever picked up a book or watched news on television. Today the name "Baden-Baden" can be considered a kind of logo - a trademark of the resorts of Germany.

How did it happen that Baden-Baden became the place of constant influx of guests from the Commonwealth countries to resorts in Germany? The tradition is treated and ride on the water in Baden-Baden gradually from aristocratic fashion has turned for aching and suffering in an urgent need. Apparently, the old stories told by famous writers of poets, composers and musicians, rich men and nobles made this village, lost earlier in the Black Forest, one of the most recognizable and visited places among other resorts of the South of Germany.

Life in the valley of Ooz, at the foot of the Black Forest, at the legendary European resort, in fashionable Baden-Baden beats the key regardless of the season.

Here for the beginning of the narrative about our topic "Resorts and Spa hotels in Baden-Württemberg" I will tell about Baden-Baden.


Twenty different Baden-Baden sources fill daily underground galleries, wells and pools, spilling out of their bowels 800 thousand liters of medicinal, thoroughly studied and scientifically described waters. Patients who fall into this life-giving force are burdened with arthrosis, spondylosis, rheumatoid arthritis, radiculitis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. These waters are also subject to the rehabilitation of post-insult disorders, post-infarction conditions, chronic diseases of the male sexual sphere.

European spa specialists have developed new technologies of rehabilitation with the help of mineral waters of such groups of diseases as metabolic disorders (in particular diabetes mellitus, endocrine obesity, gout), diseases of the digestive system (especially liver disease and pancreatitis), diseases associated with a weakened immune system.

The curiosity of local waters, according to the Baden-Baden spa physician with Dr. Brunt's 25-year experience, is due to the presence of their radon composition, a radioactive element with a relatively low radiation power, only about 200 becquerels per liter.

According to popular belief, radon has the property of repelling death. In other words, prolong life. Interestingly, all-knowing German statistics indirectly confirmed this common opinion. The inhabitant of Baden-Baden, the sky and the healing factor of the resort, are given extra five years of active longevity. Dr. Brant and his wife are the authors of the only book about healing possibilities and proven methods of using Baden mineral waters. The book was conceived for publication in 2009.

Here is a fragment of the interview with Dr. Brant, taken for the site "Villa Berg" specially.

"Villa Berg" site: Dr. Brunt, with what diseases from the entire extensive list listed above, come here most often for health?

Dr. Brant: The unique composition of the waters is the best for rehabilitation for different patients: patients with chronic inflammatory diseases of rheumatic nature in various stages and forms, including Bekhterev's disease and secondly; patients suffering from female diseases, as well as for patients with chronic respiratory diseases and ENT organs.

It is known, Dr. Brunt, that there are diametrically different opinions about how and how much time can be spent in local mineral bathing. Is there any axiom here? We ask you to answer directly, without any bothers, is it permissible to rejuvenate and be treated in swimming pools, so to speak, bezvylazno from morning to evening?

Dr. Brunt: "The process of recovery on the water is very different from rest, for example, on the seaside. I would not advise without a pause to take a mineral bath / bathing for more than 15 minutes. A longer stay in mineral water is a serious burden for the body. Healing fanaticism is comparable to a drug overdose. It is necessary to strictly adhere to these questions, developed together with the resortologist individual medical recommendations.

The site "Villa Berg": "Advise what to do? How to orient and survive in Baden-Baden, for those who come here for the first time, and does not know whom to go to for treatment? "

Dr. Brunt: "Set a goal, determine the amount of money and time. You can apply to a specialized (on a certain group of diseases) spa clinic, you can make an appointment with an elected doctor, in a word, you will not remain without help. In order to make the best use of the healing potential of Baden-Baden water, we recommend that you make up an individual plan that is just right for you. If you are practically healthy or have functional health problems as a result of unfavorable environmental factors and the specificity of your profession, staying in Baden-Baden can be used for active recovery, as well as for general prevention. If you have specific diseases, our common goal may be to cure the disease, compensate for the impaired functions of the body, restore the reduced labor functions and, finally, prevent complications.

In the opinion of the doctor-balneologist Dr. Brant, in addition to mineral water, as such, Baden-Baden is also attractive for its special spa society, which makes the time spent here particularly memorable. We often hear from our Russian-speaking patients: "Yes, this is a resort for individualists." However, in assessing today's Baden-Baden, we should not discount the three traditional therapeutic factors, the criteria of any world resort, usually represented by a combination of sun, air and water.

About the famous mineral water has been said a lot, and as for the sun, the number of sunny days here is the largest of all the most famous and equal in comfort to Baden-Baden of European resorts. The sunny autumn here is invisible, bypassing the winter weather, is replaced by the arrival of no less than a sunny spring. And ionized from frequent thunderstorms, the spring air is always crystal clear and extraordinarily light ...

A special interview for the "Villa Berg" site "Black Forest Resorts" is written according to the materials of Dr. Brunt, "Resortology and Chinese Medicine".

In this section "Resorts" of the site "Villa Berg" we will tell our guests about the famous and still unknown to tourists and patients from the countries of the Commonwealth of resorts in Europe. This will be a special announcement for the spa hotels in Baden-Württemberg. Here you will find out where in the Black Forest, at what altitude above the sea level you can observe the movement of clouds over the tops of the Alps and the beauties of the Swabian Black Forest, as it is sometimes called tourists.

Everything that was previously hidden from the eyes of an inexperienced tourist who knew only by hearsay about the famous Baden-Baden, the fashion for visiting which the guests themselves created from Russia themselves. Nobles of Tsarist Russia, famous writers and musicians, artists all rushed to come to Baden-Baden for water.

But those times are a thing of the past. Today in an aging city near the foothills of the Black Forest Baden-Wurttemberg there are few hotels that meet the international luxury standard. Of course there are super-chic 5 ***** hotels by category SPA, built next to the thermal springs. All of them are scattered in secluded corners and are not visible to the outside eye.

This is partly the secret of the Swabians. They do not like to open their secret doors, so that a stranger learns what and how around here. All the best should be accessible only to one's own.

Follow me and you will discover the amazing expanse of the beauty of the Black Forest and the delights of the mineral springs of the resorts of Baden-Württemberg. All that until now was available only to Europeans, we will open here on the pages of the site "Villa Berg" resorts and spa hotels.

Before the meeting, write and see for yourself.

With you was,

Alexander Raikhrudel.