Volksfest in Stuttgart — harvest festival

Today "Volksfest in Stuttgart is a harvest festival". It is considered one of the most visited in the world of folk festivals. Volksfest in the capital of Baden-Wurttemberg took last year more than 5 million tourists from all over the world.

In the capital of Baden-Württemberg - in Stuttgart - a unique tradition was created - a folk festival on the occasion of the completion of the harvest. Volksfest (Cannstatter Volksfest WASEN) is a celebration of young Württemberg wine. This tradition was established in 1818 by diligence, nee of the Great Russian Princess Ekaterina Pavlovna (the daughter of Paul the First).

Volksfest is the biggest holiday in the Baden-Württemberg region and not only in Stuttgart. Schwabs honor their traditions. Therefore, every year they arrange a large parade with the horses, goats and other domestic animals, brewery trailers. For every taste in the program of Volksfest rides. A huge choice - from bright carousels for the smallest, to insane, breathtaking attractions for fans of thrills. This is a great place for a family holiday in the afternoon, and in the evening adult merriment begins. Entrance to the territory of the amusement park is free, each attraction is paid for individually.

The opening ceremony of the Volksfest is held in the pavilion Schwaben Welt, where the governor of the capital of the Federal state of Baden-Württemberg - Stuttgart (the mayor-burgomaster) uncork a barrel of beer. And the Stuttgart guards then inform everyone in different parts of Volksfest's huge field with bells in their hands - that now you can drink beer. So it all begins - the folk fest begins in Stuttgart - Volksfest (Cannstatter Volksfest Wasen in Stuttgart).

In each pavilion there is a stage. Play brass bands, pop bands. In the repertoire, in addition to German music, there are world-famous hits. In fact, all the musicians and visitors in national dress. Today, the German women's outfit consists of a special bra, a fluffy blouse with a neckline, a corset or waistcoat, a skirt in an assembly and an apron, which is usually decorated with embroidery, ribbons and lace. The national men's suit consists of a waistcoat, jacket or jacket and short leather pants, usually on suspenders. Together with the pants wear low woolen stockings. You can buy all this at the fair, which is located at the entrance to the town.

For the first time Volksfest in Stuttgart passed after the end of the ruinous war of 1812-1815. against the Napoleonic army in Europe. And only thanks to the efforts of VR Kn. Ekaterina Pavlovna, who became Queen Catherine von Württemberg, having married in the second marriage for the Duke of Württemberg Wilhelm, the country of Swabia got a chance in Württemberg, to blossom again and restore its agriculture. In September 1818, the first agricultural fair was opened for the first time in Stuttgart, in the Bad Cannstatt area. She also presented the first - the young wine of Württemberg.

In the South of modern Germany (FRG), another daughter of the Russian Emperors is known: the née Grand Russian Kniazhna Olga, Queen Olga von Württemberg (1822 - 1892). Her residence was in Stuttgart at Villa Berg.

Participants in the programs of the fund "Our New Times" constantly conduct a variety of cultural and historical reconstructions and concerts that represent the multinational culture of Russia. The history of the "House of Romanovs" is preserved by us since the establishment of our public organization of foreigners living in the territory of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg.

The tradition of carrying out the Volksfest in Stuttgart was continued by the niece of Queen Catherine von Württemberg, nee the Great Russian Princess Olga (1822) - Queen Olga von Württemberg (1892) - Russian Princess Olga. So the tsar's daughters (in the 19th century) helped the people of the South of Germany to revive farming - the Agriculture of Württemberg - the Swabian duchy, related to the Russian Imperial House of Romanov Dukes of Swabia.

Travel to the capital of Swabia - in Stuttgart, can be remembered by our friends who will come to us on Volksfest. Interested in? Ask us, we are always glad to you and will respond quickly in all languages ​​of our multinational Russia.

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