The film «Days of Princess Olga» in St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg

The film "Days of Princess Olga" in St. Isaac's Cathedral of St. Petersburg is represented by the Foundation "Our New Times" from Baden-Württemberg.

Representation of the Russian history of the House of Romanov in Baden-Württemberg, in Stuttgart through the Russian traditions of holding Orthodox holidays. Traditionally in Russia, "Olga's birthday days" were held on July 11. In a new way, the styles of Olga's birthday are held on July 24.

That is why it was decided with the blessing of Metropolitan Vladimir of St. Petersburg and Ladoga that the prayer with the consecration of "Capsules with the Land of Prince. Olga "will be held July 15 in the St. Isaac's Cathedral of St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg St. Isaac's Cathedral Cathedral has a special significance for the history of Russia. In particular, today it is important to understand the significance of one of the largest Orthodox cathedrals of Russia that existed in the imperial and cultural capital of Russia long before the revolutions.