«Our talents» festival in Stuttgart for the birthday of Catherine in 2008

The festival "Our talents" in 2008 took place in the concert hall "Stary firefighter" in Stuttgart.

It was on the eve of the name day of Catherine and the Festival "2008" was dedicated to the memory of the birth of the Great Russian Princess Ekaterina Pavlovna (the daughter of Emperor Paul I Petrovich) - Queen Catherine von Württemberg.

The Russian Orthodox holiday "Names of Catherine" is celebrated on December 7 and has special significance in Russia. For example, in St. Petersburg December 7 is considered the day of the founding of the Hermitage.

The Russian Empress Catherine the Great established the Hermitage and for the first time on the day of December 7, the eminent public of Russia and foreign ambassadors in the State of Russia were presented with European masterpieces of painting, which were purchased by the Empress specially for the new Russian collection in the Hermitage.

And we decided to prepare the Festival "Our Talents" in Stuttgart in honor of this Russian tradition.

On this page the information will be prepared a little later.

Volksmusik und Klassik von P.I.Tschaikovski

Paul Chakov, Bajan Elena Killing, Klavier, Gitarre Tatiana Ivanova, Klavier Lydia Lotz, Moderatorin Marina Gurevitsch, Löffel Sergey Khimov, Gitarre

Volksmusk Volkslieder und Musik P.I.Tschaikovski (Jahreszeit)

Nikolay Kobylin, Redner

liest Russischer Dichter

"Unsere Talente" November 2008 beim Altes euerwehrhaus in Stuttgart

das Konzert zur Begrüßung für Russische Großfürstin Katharina Pavlovna - Königin Katharina von Württemberg

Altes Feuerwehrhaus - Möhringer Str. 56, 70199 Stuttgart (Haltestelle U1, U14 o. Bus 42 "Schreiberstrasse")

Photo-report from the event: