Festival «Dialogue of Cultures» in Stuttgart

Festival of Folk and Classical Music "Dialogue of Cultures" in Baden-Württemberg, gala concert in Stuttgart.

Summing up the results of our first stage of development of the programs of the "Our New Times" Foundation took place during the gala concert of the "Dialogue of Cultures" Festival in Stuttgart on October 27, 2007.

The concept of the Festival "Dialogue of Cultures" was based on the desire to unite all creative opportunities of our compatriots living today in the South of the FRG. We have managed to show various talents to the demanding Stuttgart public from the moment of our foundation "Our New Times". The festival "Dialogue of Cultures" was prepared jointly and with the participation of our compatriots living in Baden-Württemberg and our friends of musicians of Stuttgart.

Participants of the festival of the "Our New Times" Foundation were musicians from different cities of Baden-Württemberg. On one stage (Mozart Hall) one of the best concert halls of Baden-Wurttemberg capital Liderhalle-Stuttgart was performed by both Russian and Swabian musicians.