«Fasching» — Stuttgart Carnival

Fasching (Fasching or Fastnacht) - carnival, which takes place in the Catholic regions of Germany in February. This is an analog of our Carnival - a holiday of the beginning of spring, fun before the Great Lent.

On the streets you can meet people in different kinds of costumes, age does not play any role, dress up even tiny children, paint faces. Carnival (Fasching) is celebrated in kindergartens, schools, in clubs and even in nursing homes!

In this region carnivals are held from the XV century. The main event of the carnival is the festive procession (Faschingumzug) - traffic in some streets is blocked, shops are closed, many are on this day off. The streets are ridden by crowds of mummers accompanied by orchestras and dance groups. Everyone is singing, shouting greetings, throwing candies, confetti into the audience, handing out glasses of beer and wine. Spectators collect sweets with open umbrellas or simply specially carried with them packages. Most wicked Witches (Hexen) - this is one of the oldest carnival figures, they rustle with rattle, sprinkle people with confetti and paint faces to the audience!

Carnival in Stuttgart is distinguished by a lack of political background, unrestrained fun and a festive atmosphere. After the festive procession, the festival continues on the central squares, in various clubs of the city.