Days of Princess Catherine — Queen Catherine in Baden-Württemberg

The days of Princess Ekaterina - Queen Catherine in Baden-Württemberg were dedicated to the memory of the great Russian Princess Ekaterina Pavlovna, who later became Queen Catherine of Württemberg.

This program was dedicated to her - "The Days of Queen Catherine in Baden-Württemberg."

They were scheduled for 5-7 December 2008. Boeblingen - Stuttgart - Baden-Baden.

For the first time in Baden-Württemberg, the feast "Days of Queen Catherine" was held - in honor of the memory of the Great Russian Princess Ekaterina Pavlovna - the Queen of Württemberg. The feast is timed to the "birthday of Catherine" - the day in which the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of St. Catherine the Great Martyr on December 7 (11). The days of Princess Catherine in Stuttgart. The days of Queen Catherine in Baden-Württemberg represent the Russian Orthodox holiday in honor of the Russian saint Catherine.

Representatives of the Russian-speaking diaspora of Baden-Württemberg and friends of our foundation - young creative groups - will perform in Böblingen and Stuttgart. In the cities of Baden-Württemberg, meetings will be held with the Primate of the Russian Nobility Assembly, Prince GG Gagarin. In Stuttgart and Baden-Baden winter meetings of the club "Russian World in Germany" will take place.

We sent invitations to honorable guests:

To the Consul General of the Russian Federation in Germany (Frankfurt am Main) to Mr. VG Lipaev;
The burgomaster of Langenargen, Mr. Müller;
to the burgomaster of Baden-Baden, Mr. Gersner.
The organizing committee of the program "Days of Queen Catherine" included:

Rector of the Russian Church of St. Nicholas in Stuttgart, Protopriest Ilya Limberger;
President of the Foundation for the Support of Russian-speaking Compatriots in Germany "Our New Times" Alexander Raikhrudel.


5th of December. Böblingen

In one of the oldest cities in the south of Germany, in the building of the oldest court of the Duke of Wuerttemberg - "Kunsthaus" - an exhibition of photographs of young photo artist Anna Stadler will be held - part of the support program for young talents "The Russian World in Germany".

7 December. Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg

The day will begin at 10:00 with the Divine Liturgy in the Orthodox Church of Sts. Nicholas in Stuttgart, built in 1895 by the care of the great Russian Princess Olga Nikolaevna - Queen Olga of Württemberg (1822 - 1892) and the great Russian princess Vera Konstantinovna - Herzogin Wera von Württemberg.

In the concert hall of the "Old Castle" Stuttgart - the museum of old musical instruments "Fruchtkasten" - a chamber concert will take place - the duet Alina (piano) and Pavel (flute) Wojlery - will perform classical musical miniatures.

And a little bit about the history of the stay of the nativity of the Great Russian Princess Ekaterina Pavlovna - Queen Catherine von Württemberg. From archives and commentaries of historians. In the summer of 1817, King William established the Society to promote and spread rural economics and industry. Ekaterina Pavlovna became a trustee and an active member of the new society. She launched a wide charitable work. With her direct participation in Stuttgart, the first Württemberg savings bank was created for social assistance to the population.

To improve the well-being of poor citizens of the capital of Württemberg, Queen Ekaterina Pavlovna reformed the state structures of Stuttgart-Württemberg. With its assistance, social institutions were established, schools with St. Petersburg curricula were founded. In these schools, at the initiative of Queen Catherine of Württemberg, physical education classes were held for boys and girls, too.

Merit VR Kn. - Queen Ekaterina Pavlovna is also the construction of public canteens, kindergartens, medical institutions. And all this was done mainly on the money received by her as a dowry from Russia, in St. Petersburg from her brother - the Russian Emperor Alexander I Pavlovich. In Stuttgart, and now the hospital is working, created on its initiative and on its means. It is called "Catherine's Hospital" ("Katharinenhospital").

On the personal initiative of Ekaterina Pavlovna in Stuttgart, an educational institution was established for the education and upbringing of girls, modeled on the institutions that existed in Russia since the reign of Empress Catherine II. All costs for the original device the Grand Duchess took over. She also showed constant attention and care for pupils. In October 1818, the Queen showed her offspring to the Empress's mother when she visited her daughter.

Dowager Russian Empress Maria Feodorovna gave the institute in Stuttgart a considerable sum for the purchase of teaching aids.