«The Day of the Removing of the Blockade of Leningrad»

In Stuttgart celebrated in a solemn atmosphere, "Day of lifting the Siege of Leningrad".

Thanks to the people of Leningrad and the activists of the Jewish community of Stuttgart (Württemberg), we all managed to celebrate an unforgettable day - "The Day of the Removing of the Blockade of Leningrad - January 27, 1944".

This year we celebrated it on Monday, January 29, 2018. Glory to the Leningraders and defenders of the city on the Neva, defended by our dear and beloved Peter. Today it again bears the name of St. Petersburg. Preserving our traditions, together with our Leningraders of St. Petersburg, we honor the memory of our relatives and friends who defended and preserved our native city on the Neva. Glory to the Leningradites and the defenders of the city on the Neva!

The actual video report from the place of the event in our life in Stuttgart - with gratitude to the blockades we present here on the Internet pages of the Foundation "Our New Times". Thank you dear Leningraders - the blockade of Leningrad, that thanks to your efforts, courage and faith in the victory you need an enemy, you defended our dear and beloved city on the Neva - St. Petersburg. Glory to all the blockade and defenders of Leningrad!

The organizers of this solemn event in Stuttgart was the leader of the Society of Leningrad Siegemen Leonid Dugovsky and the chairman of the All-German Council of Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, prisoners of concentration camps and blockade workers living in Germany Alexander Vilevich Reznitsky.

At his invitation to us in Stuttgart came the leaders of the communities of blockade workers from different cities of the FRG: Mikhail Borisovich Beloborod (from Dortmund), Zazulya Grigory Markovich (from Würzburg, Bavaria) and Evgeni Aleksandrovich Karchemnik (from Cologne). And at the invitation of the Foundation for the Support of Russian-speaking Compatriots Living in Germany "Our New Times" together with us on this important day for all of our compatriots, the blockade and their family members was attended by the representative of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation from Frankfurt am Main, Consul Andrey Basov.

I greeted all who gathered on Memorial Day to remove the Siege of Leningrad (January 27, 1944) Leonid Anatolievich Dugovsky.

We solemnly celebrated the 74th anniversary of January 29, 2018 - "The Day of the Lifting of the Blockade of Leningrad", but officially this day is celebrated in Russia on January 27. The "blockade of Leningrad" lasted from September 8, 1941 to January 27, 1944 and claimed more than 2 million lives of Leningrad citizens and defenders of the city on the Neva. This we must not forget. The memory of all Leningraders and defenders of Leningrad must be preserved forever. And the "Day of Removing the Blockade of Leningrad" is celebrated all over the world, thanks to the Leningraders and us, in Stuttgart too.

The day of the removal of the Siege of Leningrad was celebrated in Stuttgart on January 29, 2018. Through the joint efforts of the Society of the Blocadniki of Leningrad in Württemberg and the Council of the Great Patriotic War, together with the Foundation "Our New Times", Württemberg learned about the history of the Siege of Leningrad from the first. Leonid Anatolyevich Dugovsky told about his memories and the Siege of Leningrad before those gathered in the Great Hall of the Jewish community of Württemberg, in Stuttgart. The solemn day of remembrance of the removal of the "Blockade of Leningrad" was marked on January 29, 2018. with the greetings of the leader of the Leningrad Blocadnik Society in Stuttgart, Leonid Anatolievich Dugovsky.

Olga Skiba's photo report about the solemn event dedicated to the 74th anniversary of the lifting of the "Blockade of Leningrad", the "Our New Times" Foundation.

See you soon on "Victory Day - May 9" in Stuttgart.

Activists of the "Our New Times" Foundation.

Photo-report from the event: