«Victory Day» compatriots celebrate in Stuttgart on May 9, 2010

"Victory Day" is always celebrated on May 9. This day is honored by all our compatriots, who cherish the memory of those who won the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45.

And we, regardless of where we are on this memorable day for all of us, celebrate it with our family, friends and friends.

Our compatriots - activists of the fund "Our New Times" annually organize the "Victory Day" on May 9 in Stuttgart.

Starting from 2010, we regularly on this memorable day for all of us, the "Victory Day", we remember those who died on May 9 in the fight against the German fascists. It is especially important for future generations that this tradition of the Soviet people be preserved for centuries.

On Victory Day, on May 9, 2010, flowers were solemnly laid on the graves of the Red Army prisoners, Jews and citizens of France who died from 1941 to 1944. Then the concentration camps of fascist Stuttgart in forced labor killed people of different nationalities.

In the jubilee year of the Victory Day celebration, on May 9 in Stuttgart, flowers were laid to the graves on the "Russian platform" with the participation of the Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Baden-Württemberg, Prof. doc. Klaus Mangold (Herr Honorarkonsul der Russischen Föderation für Baden-Württemberg Prof. Dr. Klaus Mangold).

Compatriots living in Baden-Württemberg, in Stuttgart participated in the preparation and conduct of the Victory Day in Germany, in modern Germany. Victory Day was celebrated for the first time in Stuttgart on May 9, 2010. Representatives of the public of the capital of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, a delegation of the Jewish community of Württemberg and the Foundation for the Support of Russian-speaking Compatriots Living in Germany "Our New Times" attended the solemn ceremony on this memorable day for us.

Photo taken by Alexander Raikhrudel, Stuttgart, May 9, 2010.