Activists of the fund «Our New Times» in Stuttgart

Activists of the fund "Our New Times" in Stuttgart were the first to participate in the projects and programs of the Foundation in Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg.

Continuing to develop the creative activity of the Foundation for the Support of Russian-speaking Compatriots Living in Germany "Our New Times", we expanded our circle of communication. We have like-minded people, and with them, and directly partners - participants in our projects.

In 2005, after successfully completed several projects in Stuttgart in 2004, we became known in the capital of Württemberg and its environs.

Irina Arkhangelskaya - was born and grew up in Moscow. Educated as a vocalist.

Lidia Lotz - was born and raised in Kazakhstan in the family of "Russian Germans - immigrants". He is an interpreter by training.

Gennady Krumetsadik was born and raised in Kharkov, Ukraine. A builder by education.

Inna Shvaboda - was born and grew up in one of the cities in Ukraine, in the city of Krivoy Rog. Teacher of Higher Soviet Education, Practitioner. Teacher of German, Methodist.

Nikolai Kobylin - remembering Nikolai Kobylin. For several years now this merry, autumn witty person has not been with us. This Petersburg man. He knew the history of the Russian Imperial House of the Romanovs. Through his active participation, creativity, Nikolay has very much helped in the implementation of many projects of the Foundation "Our New Times". Subsequently - he headed a partner organization in one of the satellite cities of Stuttgart. It was in Böblingen. This photo I made during the preparation of one of the concerts, which took place in the Congress Center Liderhalle-Stuttgart. Then there were meetings of compatriots, organized by the Foundation "Our New Times". So the process of preparation of the Festival "Dialogue of Cultures" began.

Nikolai Yakovlev is one of the most active members of the Our New Times Foundation for many years. Practically, from the very beginning of our presence on the Internet. It was thanks to Kolya that we were here on the air. The website of the Foundation "Our New Times" www.unz-ev.de was prepared by him. The first is our online presentation of the Foundation in this space.

Yes, Kolya was a real Petersburg companion for me. For several years already he has not been with us, but the memory of him and his disinterested help will always be with us.

Alexander Borisovich Raichrudel, Peterburgets - was born and raised in Leningrad - Petersburg. After graduating from secondary school No. 294 in Leningrad, entered and graduated from the Radiotechnical Faculty of LEMMS im.prof. Bonch-Bruevich. Then he worked as a specialist in one of the Leningrad Scientific Research Institute. Since the beginning of Perestroika I entered FINEK as a second higher.

He founded a travel company in St. Petersburg. Traveled extensively: America, Scandinavian countries, Israel, India - Europe, Switzerland. So then he settled in Germany. Currently - in the capital of Baden-Württemberg, in Stuttgart.

On the title page of this page about the activists of the Foundation for the Support of Russian-speaking Compatriots Living in Germany "Our New Times" are also represented the new members of our then-affiliated organization of one of the satellite cities of Stuttgart. From this group a new public organization of our compatriots living in Böblingen subsequently grew up.